[Cin] SVT-AV1 encoding quite fast on x86_64

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The following message from Terje was too big for the Mailing List and
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> Is there possibility that you just hear 'empty'/silent channels? Are they
> all contain some audio, or  some are silent?

The hd01.mov 10-bit input file was initially back in 2016 recorded directly
from my Sony HDV camera via HDMI out to a BM Hyperdeck shuttle 2. The
camcorder has only stereo audio so I think the other streams may be empty,

VLC was not able to playback audio in 2016 from the ProRes.mov file, but
does it fine now, while not from the av1.webm file. Attach a VLC screenshot
clip of each.

But may be you better to ask on ffmpeg-users mail list, not sure if anyone
> was dealing with input files with such high number of channels there
> recently, but it feels a bit more populated than our corner!

Maybe, if I explore BM Hyperdeck Shuttle to work again later on and . Last
time I tried I got issue with the HFS+ SSDs mounted on Linux.

2 attachments are at:

hd01_mov.png    https://streamable.com/cyto46
hd01_mov_svt-av1_pr10_webm.png    https://streamable.com/f9ujfmnt post and
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