[Cin] AOM 3.8, again

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Thu Dec 21 18:19:39 CET 2023

чт, 21 дек. 2023 г., 19:56 Andrea paz via Cin <cin at lists.cinelerra-gg.org>:

> > What kind of video/properties did you test with?
> I used:
> 1- Two h264 (mp4) files queued.
> 2- EXR image sequence.
> No filter or editing action.

I think Terje  was interesting in image dimensions  of source video ? In my
very limited testing speed was inverse proportional to horizontal size
...i.e. 640*xxx was rendering twice as fast as 1280*xxx at 16:9 image
proportions ...

> Rendering preset: av1.webm. I did not change any parameters, leaving
> everything to default.
> @Andrew
> I don't understand how to use system libaom. I had stuck to using
> system ffmpeg by disabling the whole "thirdparty".

Well, I think we better to clarify that

--without-Piece disables part of cingg AND internal version of library
(AND system wide linking?)

so, --without-lv2 disables any attempt at use lv2 support code.

--disable-Piece AND --with-Piece only disables building internal library
version part, leaving it up to system to provide headers and libs.

so you can specify BOTH --with-lv2 and --disable-lv2 and this will mean
"use system version of lv2" -( sadly currently not working on Phyllis's
Fedora multiarch system ?)

--disable-Piece AND --without-Piece disables both building of int. copy and
linking/using of this code part

--disable-libdav1d will turn off building internal copy of libdav1d but you
can still pass flags enabling use of system libdav1d.

Issues is a bit complicated by fact that some libs needed for 'cin'
executable, and some indirectly for libav* libraries. So, for
ffmpeg-support libs you need additional env variables for letting it use
system components.

There are variable (like auto) in configure.ac block for many libraries, so
default state does not require unreasonably long string of --with-* and
--enable-* configure arguments.

At least this is my understanding of difference between --with-something,
--enable-something, --without-something and --disable-something.

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