[Cin] flac.webm profile does not work anymore?

Andrew Randrianasulu randrianasulu at gmail.com
Sat Dec 30 18:43:35 CET 2023

сб, 30 дек. 2023 г., 20:37 Phyllis Smith <phylsmith2017 at gmail.com>:

> OK, I will test it too.
> BTW: I can not help with the NVENC problem as I can not get it working
> anywhere:
> https://www.cinelerra-gg.org/forum/forum-hardware/run-h264_nvenc-mp4-via-nvidia-gpu-in-nvidia-prime-mode-gpu-offload/

mmm ... I need to re-test this with updated ffnv headers ....

I see user uses new driver (makes sense for supported card), but I am still
not sure how compile-time choice of ffnv headers affects different drivers
(nvidia dropped support for Kepler cards lately. So, no new driver for me)

> On Sat, Dec 30, 2023 at 10:33 AM Andrew Randrianasulu <
> randrianasulu at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Looking at Terje's problem with libvorbis audio I noticed flac.webm
>> profile does not work, and ffmpeg 4.4.4 already complaining you can't put
>> flac audio in webm.
>> So, I guess we better to remove this profile?
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