[Cin] flac.webm profile does not work anymore?

Andrew Randrianasulu randrianasulu at gmail.com
Sun Dec 31 22:18:25 CET 2023

вс, 31 дек. 2023 г., 21:39 Terje J. Hanssen <terjejhanssen at gmail.com>:

> Den 31.12.2023 18:03, skrev Andrea paz:
> > It doesn't change with any bitrate or quality value I've tried, always
> > a disturbance above normal sound.
> > Of all the sound presets in webm only opus produces a clean result,
> > the others have the same noise (even opus_ffmpeg) while flac does not
> > start rendering and freezes all of CinGG.
> Just a question:
> I don't really understand the relationship (if there is any) between
> flac.webm and vorbis in webm using CinGG?

I guess at some point ffmpeg's webm muxer was allowing muxing flac in webm,
but then it was disabled due to being not in webm spec?

I guess we can copy av1-svt.webm to av1-svt.mkv (and edit first line there
to start from matroska, name of the full muxer. webm is smaller "web"
subset of it, as far as I understand) so more sound codecs can be tested?

When I encoded VCT-AV1 with FFmpeg, there was no issue with Vorbis audio
> in .webm

this is good to know, but for having bug isolated we probably need some
debug on sound buffer format conversions inside cingg... I am not yet sure
how to do this.

Thank you anyway for bringing this to our attention!

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