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For analogue tapes, FM RF capture and software decoding is the best way to
go for correction and preservation.

For CVBS sources you can use CVBS-Decode
<https://github.com/oyvindln/vhs-decode/wiki/CVBS-Composite-Decode> but
it's not going to give anywhere near the results of VHS-Decode this is only
ideal for live sources like cameras or digital formats, or analogue ones
that have already been through a hardware TBC of some forum (so the whole
point of the powerful software TBC in vhs-decode is lost)

FFV1 is *not supported by Avid Pro Tools/DaVinchi Resolve/Adobe Suite/Final
Cut* hence why it's pretty much disregarded for editing and re-muxing to
V210/ProRes HQ (and setting the CLAP/Colr Atom data in amcdx-video-patcher
properly after the fact) it meant more so for tossing into StaxRip etc and
using a deinterlacer like QTGMC on then tossing into an NLE directly.

The issue is also the output from the gen_chroma_vid.sh script is not
flagged for interlacing properly this is a limit of FFmpeg but re-muxing
fixes this issue.

(It is supported in Lossless Cut but at potato render quality.)

The wiki is pretty extensive but post-processing docs are being worked on.

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