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Den 11.02.2023 07:30, skrev Andrew Randrianasulu:
> I think this detailed description reflect nicely how high-speed 
> non-uvc data capture work
> https://github.com/simoninns/DomesdayDuplicator/wiki/Hardware-Guide
> for better or worse you can't just connect usual analog output to it.

I have strived to get an overview of the workflow and found it best here 
in the "VHS-Decode Wiki":
"The final standard for tape archival"!

    Concept of VHS-Decode
    Bypass all non-essential hardware, and process it all in software
    Capture today decode tomorrow!

    Thanks to low-cost CX Cards alongside the DomesDayDuplicator today
    digitisation and archival of tapes can be done not only properly but
    affordably with tapes' original FM (Frequency Modulated) signals
    being captured and preserved for software decoding and digital archival.
    Unlike baked-in standard S-Video/Composite and line-out audio
    capture, FM RF capture offers the full original tape signals making
    a true digital master copy of your analogue media removing the need
    for expensive time base correctors and even working physical players
    in the future.

A simplified workflow

    Practically Any VCR --> FM RF Capture --> RF File of Tape's FM
    Signal -> Software Demouldation & Timebase Correction --> Lossless
    TBC Files --> Video Files

Correct me if I am wrong, but it seems to me that the second part "FM RF 
Capture" is the "Domesday Duplicator" (hardware/sw) to create the third 
"RF File of Tape's FM Signal".
So the "VHS-Decode" executes"Software Demouldation & Timebase Correction 
--> Lossless TBC Files --> Video Files

I found it useful to continue reading with


    Why FM RF capture and software decoding instead of normal video capture?
    A: Its just better!
    No It's a little more advanced, yet very simple in practice.

    Is this the best way to preserve analogue media?
    A: Yes, as the method of capture preserves the original tape signal
    just after initial tracking and amplification there is no alteration
    of content in any way.
    Capture today, decode forever!
    The RF capture process provides an exact copy of the original
    modulated signal content and then using FLAC compression this data
    (basically a zip file) can be made 40-60% smaller this is smaller
    than any lossless compressed video format available.

    VHS-Decode features the world's first software-defined digital TBC
    for analogue video media and its 100% free and 100% open-source

    What are the costs?
    A: It costs 60-300USD* depending on the level of setup you wish to
    invest in and what hardware you already have available, the white
    PCIe 1x CX Cards are 20-35USD per card and basic tools/cabling and
    even amplifyers is under 50USD depending on how budget restrictive
    you need to be or if you preferer to make cables from the ground up etc.
    The DomesDayDuplicator (DdD) can cost upto 300USD* is each ware as
    China has 1000's of CX cards and amplifier boards available so if
    you already have a VCR/Desktop you are just 2 steps away.

    How complex is using vhs-decode and its tool suite?
    Setup normally takes under an hour for hardware and software.

Continue with

    Quick Setup Guide

Yet, I am still in doubt if DomesdayDublicator + VHS-Decode is end-user 
or developer solution?

> Somewhat related:
> https://www.windytan.com/2019/08/capturing-pal-video-with-sdr-and-few.html?m=1
> (no code).
> older fx2 experiments, there by now seems to be whole library of 
> programs for those older devices in digital instrumentation sector
> http://www.triplespark.net/elec/periph/USB-FX2/
> Some documentation on earlier  sgi board called Sirius, you can see 
> board was 10-bit internally but small font around analog inputs said 
> they are 8bit really!
> http://www.sgistuff.net/hardware/video/documents/007-2238-003-siriusvideo.pdf
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