[Cin] Working on adding GPL license attribution for all program files

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Wed Feb 15 03:30:30 CET 2023

Despite differing opinions, I have added GPL headers to any program.C,
header.h, and include,inc files where missing to the best of my ability
with attribution when clear to do so.  It should be at least 90% correct in
the guicast, cinelerra, and individual plugins/themes directories.  Not
sure it is of much value, seeing as how there aren't many comments and so
many of the programmers are no longer around, but the intent is good.  With
the addition of the "Authors and Contributors" to the manual at the end of
last month, hopefully little history will be lost.  As always, we can
correct any mistakes.

for seeing this window you must have successful compile, and if compile was
> not successful you look into  source files ( I think this might be part of
> rationale about putting them there ). Each source file usually worked on by
> some developers, so knowing who works (worked) on specific part is also
> important (when you have 1000+ files). Putting ALL program authors in EACH
> file obviously wrong, but making sure relevant names appear in files you
> get right after unpacking source considered good tone....

1) Some files just had generic "Cinelerra/Adam" attributes added/modified
since he is the real author and did not know who else to add, or other
person did not care to have their name added too.   This was the case for
many files that William Morrow worked on in the optimistic hope that the
original author would pick up the changes in the future.
2) Confusion on the Cuda plugins and LV2 program's authorship is kind of
messy so I just tried to match between the .C, .h, and .inc files where
some attribution currently existed.
3) Even if the only CV change added to GG version was "ifdef HAVE_FIREWIRE"
and a matching "endif", I still added the "Copyright (C) 2003-2016
Cinelerra CV contributors" line after Adam's copyright line because it took
some work to discover the need for the addition.

TASK COMPLETE unless notified otherwise. ...Phyllis
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