[Cin] Virtualized Fedora armhf

Mat mnieuw at zap.a2000.nl
Fri Feb 17 23:48:43 CET 2023

Hi Andrew,

I use the below .sh start script for Debian on armhf, network works
fine last time I tried it. You can modify inside the virtual disk if
you mount it as a nbd loop device, I seem to remember if I did it your
way it was read-only, but that was year ago. I used it to change the
root password to no password at all when I forgot it....



# note: after succesfull install and working network access (apt),
comment out the cdrom from # /etc/apt/sources.list

# Because qemu must be started with a direct kernel parameter, use a
variable to specify # the version. After a kernel update, extract the
proper vmlinuz and initrd files from the client, # and place them in
the directory where this script is started from, then update the
VERSION # accordingly. VERSION=5.10.0-18

   qemu-system-arm -machine virt -cpu cortex-a15 -smp cpus=8,maxcpus=8
   --append "root=/dev/vda1 console=ttyAMA0 earlyprintk=ttyAMA0" \
   -kernel ./vmlinuz-$VERSION-armmp-lpae -initrd
   ./initrd.img-$VERSION-armmp-lpae -m 4096 \ -netdev
   -device virtio-net-device,netdev=n0 \ -drive
   file=debian11-arm.qcow2,if=none,format=qcow2,id=hd0 -device
   virtio-blk-device,drive=hd0 \ -serial stdio 

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