[Cin] AUTHORS file for cinelerra-GG?

Andrew Randrianasulu randrianasulu at gmail.com
Mon Jan 2 18:47:54 CET 2023

Because cinelerra-gg is merge of cin hv, cin-cv, various recent
contributors on this list  and Bill's own work I thought having AUTHORS
file in sorce tree root will be good idea.

Right now Cin-CV AUTHORS look like this (some emails outdated)

hv=Adam Williams <broadcast at earthling.net>
j6t=Johannes Sixt <johannes.sixt at telecom.at>
minmax=Andraz Tori <Andraz.tori1 at guest.arnes.si>     herman=Herman Robak <
herman at skolelinux.no>
baver=Richard Baverstock <baver at thebeever.com>
einar=Einar Runkaru <einarry at smail.ee>                          pere=Petter
Reinholdtsen <pere at hungry.com>
tfheen=Tollef Fog Heen <tollef at add.no>
andreask=Andreas Kielb <andreaskielb at web.de>
theraz=Tyler Geddes <tgeddes at wgeddes.com>
dyce=Gergely Erdelyi <dyce at rovidzar.hu>
dreamlx=David Arendt <admin at prnet.org>
ga=Gustavo Iniguez <ga at kutxa.homeunix.org>
memenk=Michael Eric Menk <meklev at osys.grm.hia.no>
benjif=Benjamin Flaming <cinelerra at solobanjo.com>
cobra=Kevin Brosius <cobra at compuserve.com>
taraba=Mark Taraba <m_taraba at yahoo.com>
nate=Nathan Kurz <nate at verse.com>
mammique=Camille Harang <mammique at garbure.org>
                  kbielefe=Karl Bielefeldt <uhauufo02 at sneakemail.com>
alexf=Alex Ferrer <alex at ftconsult.com>
pmdumuid=Pierre Dumuid <pierre.dumuid at adelaide.edu.au>
giskard=Riccardo Setti <giskard at autistici.org>
jstewart=Joe Stewart <jstewart at lurhq.com>
doudou=Sylvain Joyeux <doudou at melix.net>
rafael2k=Rafael Diniz <rafael at riseup.net>
nicolasm=Nicolas Maufrais <e.conti at gmx.net>
raffa=Raffaella Traniello <raffaella.traniello at livecom.it>
feranick=Nicola Ferralis <feranick at hotmail.com>
akirad=Paolo Rampino <tuttoainternet at gmail.com>

All in all 30 authors

Cin-CV did a lot of bugfixing, build system , internationalization work,
some plugin work. Also IIRC ffmpeg support appeared in some branch of cv
"fork" while may be Adam and Bill come up with similar file on their own?


contain no attribution ... guess we should track this down in history and

CinHV aboutperfs.C contain this list (Myself only send literally  few
oneliners, but I guess my work on cingg merges into it)

credits.append(new BC_ListBoxItem("Richard Baverstock"));
credits.append(new BC_ListBoxItem("Karl Bielefeldt"));
                       credits.append(new BC_ListBoxItem("Kevin Brosius"));
 credits.append(new BC_ListBoxItem("Jean-Luc Coulon"));
credits.append(new BC_ListBoxItem("Jerome Cornet"));
credits.append(new BC_ListBoxItem("Pierre Marc Dumuid"));
credits.append(new BC_ListBoxItem("Nicola Ferralis"));
credits.append(new BC_ListBoxItem("Alex Ferrer"));
credits.append(new BC_ListBoxItem("Gustavo I<C3><B1>iguez"));
credits.append(new BC_ListBoxItem("Tefan de Konink"));
credits.append(new BC_ListBoxItem("Nathan Kurz"));    credits.append(new
BC_ListBoxItem("Greg Mekkes"))
credits.append(new BC_ListBoxItem("Jean-Michel Poure"));
credits.append(new BC_ListBoxItem("Monty Montgomery"));
                        credits.append(new BC_ListBoxItem("Bill Morrow"));
 credits.append(new BC_ListBoxItem("Einar R<C3><BC>nkaru"));
credits.append(new BC_ListBoxItem("Einar R\374nkaru"));
credits.append(new BC_ListBoxItem("Paolo Rampino"));
credits.append(new BC_ListBoxItem("Andrew Randrianasulu"));
credits.append(new BC_ListBoxItem("Petter Reinholdtsen"));
credits.append(new BC_ListBoxItem("Eric Seigne"));
credits.append(new BC_ListBoxItem("Johannes Sixt"));
credits.append(new BC_ListBoxItem("Joe Stewart"));
credits.append(new BC_ListBoxItem("Dan Streetman"));
                      credits.append(new BC_ListBoxItem("Mark Taraba"));
credits.append(new BC_ListBoxItem("Andraz Tori"));
credits.append(new BC_ListBoxItem("Jonas Wulff"));

25 authors. (with overlap)

Tefan de Konik looks like typo? Stefan, may be?

I think for cingg specifically  we should add Bill, Sergey at very least
and Andrea, Phyllis, Terje, IgorB, and other *testers* because without your
work we newer had chance to move anywhere near  our current state.

(i guess we should say list is incomplete in first edition, because fishing
out  all contributor's names out of mail list archive will take time)

I think we can go with second form of list, without emails? Usually email
is useful if someone want to ask few questions, but because someone
contribute to various cinelerra branches does not mean they are still on it

So I guess leaving remark about incompleteness and links to current email
archive is best we can do?
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