[Cin] Complete system hangs (likely out of memory)

Stefan de Konink stefan at konink.de
Tue Jan 24 00:44:10 CET 2023

Hi Andrew,

When changing this, to be more in line with the "HV" code...

diff --git a/cinelerra-5.1/cinelerra/playbackengine.C 
index 815e506f..3c2a9368 100644
--- a/cinelerra-5.1/cinelerra/playbackengine.C
+++ b/cinelerra-5.1/cinelerra/playbackengine.C
@@ -172,9 +172,9 @@ void PlaybackEngine::create_cache()
        if( audio_cache )
-               audio_cache->remove_user();
+               delete audio_cache;
        if( video_cache )
-               video_cache->remove_user();
+               delete video_cache;
        audio_cache = new CICache(preferences);
        video_cache = new CICache(preferences);

...will result in a fix for the memory leak, but does cause a warning 

Garbage::~Garbage: title=CICache users=1 was not deleted by 

This was changed with f5725c7e (7/4/20). But also shows that many unrelated 
changes cause real issues to hide. I found this by hand, not even using git 
bisect. I understand the urge for the garbage collector, but for some 
reason not behaving. What I notice is that the 'last' object is empty when 
it is actually destroyed by the garbage collector (~CICache). What is the 
best way going forward? 


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