[Cin] Complete system hangs (likely out of memory)

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Wed Jan 25 02:49:55 CET 2023

Problem Solved and some final feedback:

Memory leak fix has been checked into GIT. The problem started Dec. 27 so
the AppImages created on Dec. 31 will have the problem but not very many
users update theirs on a monthly basis.

*All *- the Cinelerra program code is really quite complicated so problems
like this happen.  It will never be bug-free or easy to modify, but still
we need to attempt changes to move forward.

*Stefan* - thanks so very much for reporting this issue and your
persistence in working on it.  It is a BIG help when users do their own
builds because we detect problems earlier that way. Initially my first
attempt at creating the problem opening new viewers did not create the
memory leak, apparently because the video contained no audio (so that was a
bad test on my part). The EDL undo problem does not crash for me, but even
crashing on other systems is not nice.  To test on the current GIT:
  1) Load a jpg image, it will expand itself as default 3 sec long timeline.
  2) "Save as" with xml extension.
  3) Load this xml as nested.
  4) Hit 'undo' right away.
For Andrew, it crashes.

*Rob* - you brought up a lot of good questions to investigate which I will
keep in mind going forward.  Especially something to keep in mind is to
"transcode your content directly, independently of cinelerra" - this can
make the input more palatable to Cinelerra.

*Georgy* - after reading your email about "some frames with very special
properties", I downloaded a video sample and ran "strings" on it (because
that is about all I knew to do) and certainly found a bunch of weird stuff
after the initial attributes and before the actual data. And sections
between as well as on the end.  It must be some kind of filler but it is
very strange looking (in following, lines were broken up):


*Andrew *- I tried again to create the EDL undo crash and still could not,
but I still have not booted the older distros and 32-bit to check them.  I
hope to have time tomorrow to  do that and still test the netbsd patches
from January 12 on those partitions.  Maybe there is a better solution to
fix the EDL undo crash because the hope is to never crash.

*BTW*: filename.opts is one feature of CinGG that is underutilized. But it
is not that well explained in the manual.

On Sun, Jan 22, 2023 at 7:54 AM Stefan de Konink via Cin <
cin at lists.cinelerra-gg.org> wrote:

> Hi,
> When editing with Cinelerra (current git) I experience frequently that my
> entire system hangs after scratching through either the timeline or the
> viewer. As experienced before I have noticed that Cinerella eats a lot of
> memory.
> The total amount of assets I have currently in my project is about 70GB,
> my
> system memory is 16GB, and yesterday I have added 8GB of swap (normally no
> swap).
> It seems that with every video that I preview my memory usage
> significantly
> increases, but is never released. I think we have discussed this behavior
> on the mailinglist before being that the indices never get released. But
> still the amount does not make sense to me.
> As user my expectation would be that when I would close the *viewer*, the
> memory would get released, especially when the content is not placed on
> the
> timeline.
> Are there any statistics available on the memory usage what goes where?
> Practical question: is it possible to have a different path for the
> emergency backups than /tmp?
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> Stefan
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