[Cin] libvpx via ffmpeg on high-cpu machines

Andrew Randrianasulu randrianasulu at gmail.com
Wed Jan 25 18:06:11 CET 2023

ср, 25 янв. 2023 г., 16:59 Andrea paz <gamberucci.andrea at gmail.com>:

> I tried compiling by decommenting "MAX_AUTO_THREADS 16" in the
> "pthread_internal.h" file. My processor has 16 threads (8c/16t).
> The compilation stops with error. I tried decommenting the line:
> #define MAX_AUTO_THREADS 16
> I also tried changing the default (16) to 32. I get errors in both cases.

did you tried to download patch directly and apply it to ffmpeg?


(clicked on little diff link, then on another link 'patch' on next page)

because it works a bit differently, by touching libvpx wrapper files in
libavcodec  and leaving pthread_internal unchanged ..

thanks for a try, anyway ....

I put the link to cin5.log:
> https://ufile.io/hn1vfdtx
> [PS: compiling with only the latest patch for memory leaks works well.]
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