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10bit display with SDL/GL #203

has this hint (may be not needed on Display port)


it is also important to set the display to Full range and set the max bpc

ACTIVEDISPLAY=`xrandr | grep " connected " | awk '{ print$1 }'`
xrandr --output $ACTIVEDISPLAY --set "Broadcast RGB" "Full" --set "max bpc" 10




referred pdf says this:


"Figure 5: 10-bit display feature can be enabled by checking the “Enable
10-bit pixel format support” checkbox in the Catalyst
Control Center. Note that this feature is only available in workstation
(ATI FireGL™) cards.

Once the 10-bit pixel format support is enabled the system will request a
reboot and after that any 10-
bit aware OpenGL application will be displayed in 10-bits without any
clamping. In the following, we
demonstrate how an application programmer can easily create a 10-bit aware


Creating a 10-bit Texture

The previous section highlighted several methods to choose a 10-bit pixel
format. It is important to note
that once a 10-bit pixel format is chosen any smooth shading operation will
immediately take advantage
of the increased bit depth. In other words, the user does not need to
explicitly provide 10-bit input data
to benefit from the increased precision. This is due to the fact the
internal processing of colors in the
graphics card is in floating-point precision with 10-bit (or 8-bit)
conversion occurring only at the output

However, it is also possible to explicitly create and work with 10-bit
textures as will be explained in this
section. 10-bit texture support is exposed to the user through a packed
RGB10_A2 texture format,
which contains 10 bits for each of the color channels and 2 bits for the
alpha component.


original issues also should contain test images

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