[Cin] Monthly AppImage updates

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Fri Jun 30 18:48:50 CEST 2023

Small fixes in June 30 created AppImages are now available.  See section of
release notes below.
*GIT for Cinelerra-GG has the following changes from 05/01/2023-06/30/2023*

*Delay Audio* plugin issue as reported in BT #638 has been fixed and tested
with several variations of
 video and audio samples. If a case arises that still has problems, please
report and provide a small
 sample case. The result of the fix is that additional reconfigure-s in the
code are necessary so it may
 be slightly slower than before the fix was added.
*DVD creation with interlace of bottom field first* is now an available
option as provided by Andrew-R.
 See note in manual of how to get this result. And small patch to get
Progressive as scan type when
 have the “use ffmpeg” and “deinterlace” boxes checked.
Additional h264_metadata.mp3 render format as created by *Andrew-R* has
been added. This particular
 format takes advantage of piping the codec data through the *bitstream
filter* to crop both left and
 right by 20. You can use this as a guideline to create your own specific
bitstream piping formats.
Expanders.txt has had the *“Favorites” *category added for some most
frequently used plugins. Users
 can edit a copy of this file for their own usage and save in $HOME/.bcast5
for precedence over the
 system supplied one (see Manual for how to).
“If def’ed 0” added for default timecode of 00:00:00:00 for mov/mxf output
(Andrew-R so it does not
get loss for potential future implementation).

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