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чт, 16 мар. 2023 г., 03:47 Phyllis Smith <phylsmith2004 at yahoo.com>:

> Still waiting to hear back from Google/Gmail on their blocking our Mailing
> List Gmail -- supposed to take 2 weeks for any changes to propagate but l
> thought there would have been a response by now. This is the ticket number:
> Recent case
> We're working on this support case for you
> Gmail
> Case ID 8-1804000033973
> In Progress
> Last updated 2 wk. ago
> Meanwhile, I had asked Sam to add an SPF record on the Domain Server as
> stated in the url below but it does not seem to have solved the problem yet
> (after adding it can take 48 hours to take affect):
> https://support.google.com/a/answer/10684623
> Our Mailing List which had been working flawlessly since November 2018, is
> still working but about 50% of the mail goes to Gmail account and Google is
> blocking them from going out.  So I guess some users of the Mailing List
> are taking this opportunity to take a well-deserved break.
> I am still working on CinGG issues every day and will continue to do so.
> Spent the last few days reproducing BT #632 which I have done successfully
> ONLY on Fedora 36 and Fedora 37 and ONLY if extra compiler flags of "-flto
> and one other one, usually a Redhat -specs".  BUT the problem is as soon as
> I add any kind of debugging capabilities, it no longer crashes -- gdb does
> not crash; add print statement does not crash; run valgrind does not crash
> and says all is good; any kind of suggestions I find on the web to compile
> with -Wall, etc. does not provide any useful information; trying to read
> the crash dmp file but am pretty clueless.

Probable Very Bad Advice but can you try to put some usleep() there, and
see if it fix crash with lto?


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> list has been quiet, following some discussion about maybe email relay
> problems?  In the words of Pink Floyd "Is anybody out there?"
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