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Mon May 1 21:55:45 CEST 2023

пн, 1 мая 2023 г., 22:24 Stefan de Konink via Cin <
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> Hi,
> As many people that actually read the manual know, it is encouraged to use
> ulimit to increase the number of open files. Still to my surpise, the
> default setting of 1024, is not enough to edit a project with less than 50
> media files.

Was ot reason for previously reported stack smashing bugreport by you?

> Should we investigate resource leaking at some point, or maybe a more
> elegant way to actually use the resources?

Sure! I ran cppcheck on main cinelerra and guicast folders in last year,
and will do again.

As far as I understand cinelerra keep open edited media plus index files
(one or two per media? Total max is configurable in gui with default like
400?) plus plugin config files (xml files in .bcast5 dir) plus may be
shared libs too ....

You can check /proc/$cin_pid/fd/ subdirectory for all open files ...

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