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Sat May 27 16:31:24 CEST 2023

Hm ...


Tone Map Metadata (3D Look-Up-Table) Injector

A tool for manipulating production metadata
specifically tone map metadata (3D LUT), in MP4 and MOV files. It can be
used to inject 3D LUT metadata into a file or validate metadata in an
existing file.

Python 3.11 <https://www.python.org/downloads/> must be used to run the
tool. From within the directory above lut3d_utils:

python lut3d_utils -h

Prints help and usage information.

python lut3d_utils -inject_lut3d -i ${input_file} -o ${output_file} -l
${lut3d_file} -p COLOUR_PRIMARIES_BT709 -t

Loads a tone mapping (3D LUT) metadata from lut3d_file and inject it to
input_file(.mov or .mp4). The specified output_colour_primaries and
output_colour_transfer_characteristics are injected too. It saves the
result to output_file.
input_file and output_file must not be the same file.

python lut3d_utils -retrieve_lut3d -i ${input} -l ${lut3d_file}

Checks if input_file contains 3D LUT metadata. If so, parses the metadata
and prints it out. In addition, it saves the 3D LUT entries to lut3d_file
as a ".cube" file.


soooooo .... in theory you can use those for injecting and exporting those
3d luts in mp4/mov ..

I wonder if ffmpeg/libavformat can be teached to do this, too?
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