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Den 30.05.2023 15:19, skrev Terje J. Hanssen:
> Interlaced and/or Deinterlaced continued:
> - I'll add a good reference and some old background threads:
> What is deinterlacing? The best method to deinterlace movies
> http://www.100fps.com/
> [CinCV TNG] Deinterlacing or not?
> https://lists.cinelerra-cv.org/pipermail/cinelerra/2016q2/004926.html
> [CinCVS] Interlacing, DVD
> https://www.mail-archive.com/cinelerra@skolelinux.no/msg06692.html
> https://www.mail-archive.com/search?q=interlace&l=cinelerra%40skolelinux.no
> https://www.mail-archive.com/search?q=deinterlace&l=cinelerra%40skolelinux.no
> Den 30.05.2023 03:34, skrev Terje J. Hanssen:
>> Den 29.05.2023 22:47, skrev Phyllis Smith:
>>> More feedback to add to Andrew's reply.
>>>> Using Deinterlace creates a dvd.mpg file only marginally larger 
>>>> than without deinterlacing.
>>>> But the result is visually better than without deinterlacing, which 
>>>> is awful jagged at camera movements zoom/pan, at least on my 
>>>> 2560x1440 res monitor using VLC.
>>> I do not understand the above sentence.  Which result is better? 
>>> with deinterlacing or without deinterlacing? So Progressive is 
>>> better? which makes more sense to me in this day and age.  As far as 
>>> I read on the internet, DVDs can be either Progressive or Interlaced.
>> Leaving it dvd rendering interlaced is worst jagged; selecting 
>> deinterlaced is better both with default mpeg2enc ("TFF, interlaced") 
>> and optional FFMpeg (progressive). Some of the jagged edges and lines 
>> is expected to be caused by the scaled up low vertical SD wide 
>> resolution.
>> I didn't notice visible +/- chroma difference by selecting "use 
>> yuv420p dvd deinterlace format"
>> I will try to compare with DeVeDe's deinterlace YADIF filter and two 
>> pass rendering.
>> (DeVeDe's second FFMPEG deinterlace filter exited the dvd rendering.)
> In comparision with Cin rendering, the DeVeDe dual pass with YADIF 
> deinterlacing did compress the movie_0.mpg more and it was verified as 
> progressive. All progressive dvd video qualities were visual comparable.
>     du -sh dvd-wide-*/*.mpg dvd-wide-*/*/movie*.mpg
>     598M dvd-wide-dv01_20230526-225332/dvd.mpg
>     598M dvd-wide-dv01-ffmpeg_20230527-000911/dvd.mpg
>     380M dvd-wide-dv01-dualpass-yadif/movies/movie_0.mpg
>     mediainfo dvd-wide-*/*.mpg dvd-wide-*/*/movie*.mpg | grep Scan
>     Scan type : Progressive
>     Scan type : Progressive
>     Scan type : Progressive
> Regarding Dvd Interlaced Chroma:
> Possibly PAL dv 4.2.0 is more pleasant for MPEG-2/DVD 4.2.0 than NTSC 
> dv 4:1:1 (?

Add also two references to the latter:

CinCV manual: Notes on mpeg video encoding (mpeg2enc)

Frank's thougt on HDV: Comments on transcoding from DV25 to MPEG-2 for 

The latter is also a valuable recource to several, now legacy HDV 
camcorders (my Sony HDR-FX7E included)

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