[Cin] [heroineworshiper/hvirtual] question about clipping in Histogram plugin (Issue #8)

Andrea paz gamberucci.andrea at gmail.com
Fri Nov 10 19:48:38 CET 2023

> well, Andrea, can I copy your email to GitHub issues or you prefer to
explain it there yourself? I think your use case goes a bit beyond just
testing and into actual workflow category?

Yes, you can use e-mail, of course. But it seems that Adam is not
interested in the problem....
By now almost all cameras suitable for video and even inexpensive
camcorders use the 100-110% (super-white) range. Being able to get details
from pure white is important in the video world. And I don't mean modern
HDR, which goes even beyond 110%.
Not to mention the VFX and 3D graphics compositing area where even one
blend can lead to clipping and ruin an entire scene. Being able to bring
extra range values back within range is useful and important.
So Adam is wrong to think it is a useless feature. The fact is that he does
not care about this aspect of his program and does not intend to waste time
on it. That is fine, but it is his preference and not an objective choice.

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