[Cin] Lock an asset within the EDL

Stefan de Konink stefan at konink.de
Wed Oct 4 09:51:46 CEST 2023

Op 10/4/23 om 03:22 schreef Phyllis Smith:
> I got nothing.  But why not put that single asset on a track by itself 
> in the spot you will finally want it, disarm that track so nothing 
> affects it, and when you are finally done with your editing, stick it in 
> the main track where you want it.  (This is probably a naive approach 
> from me.)

In the 'best case' approach where there is more audio than video, the 
'master' audio should always in view. I don't know how much vertical 
space you have on your monitor, but I get 3 tracks per individual video 
segment, that free space saturates very quickly. Yes, one could always 
insert three tracks in between and do the work on the lowest five. Then 
the problem appears: how to project everything on the top tracks, once 
you are done, otherwise that part becomes unmanageable.

In concert with this effort I also want to push for the option to scale 
the audio waveforms independently, instead of globally.


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