[Cin] Lock an asset within the EDL

Igor BEGHETTO igorbeg at visi1.org
Mon Oct 9 09:32:22 CEST 2023

> Notice that VAA is moving, but the last audio track does not

That is because your video only contains 2 audio tracks and you want to 
paste in 3 audio tracks. I understand that that behaviour is unwanted.

If you want there is a workaround but I think you wont't like it.
1. Using "Paste Silence" in the Timeline to add empty space where you 
want to insert your new clip (1v+2a).
2. Load in the Viewer window your clip and set In and Out points.
3. With the mouse on the Viewer window press "c" key for copy, or using 
its icon.
4. In the Timeline move the cursor where you want to insert the clip; if 
there are In and/or Out point/s in the Timeline press Ctrl+T shortcut to 
disable them.
5. With the mouse on the Timeline press Ctrl+B shortcut; your clip 
(1v+2a) from the Viewer will be overwrite in the Timeline without moving 
the others edits (video and/or audio).

I prefer another workaround and you can see it in the "How to lengthen 
or shorten a clip" tutorial.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0D3DlkYEObM start from 3m52s


Il 08/10/2023 12:31, Stefan de Konink via Cin wrote:
> You have 4 tracks, VAAA. Add some media so you are sure you can see 
> what happens. In front of it you create 30s of silence.
> Go to a new asset. View it. Set in-out points, and copy (not to clip).
> Now go to the front of the timeline and paste.
> Notice that VAA is moving, but the last audio track does not, hence 
> VAAA directly becomes out of sync. This also happens when you would 
> drag and 'snap' a clip to the beginning of the time line. But it does 
> not when you drag a clip in between on silence space.

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