[Cin] Varied Standard Shortcuts AppImage version for testing

Georgy Salnikov sge at nmr.nioch.nsc.ru
Mon Oct 9 11:51:00 CEST 2023

On Sun, 8 Oct 2023, Andrea paz via Cin wrote:

> I am not sure, the table is similar to the others in the manual. It
> could be the "multicolumn" command. It is used to merge the 3 columns
> into one and would coincide with the fact that the html version has 2
> more empty columns. However, that command is also present in the other
> tables and has not given any problems.
> Andrei and Georgy, can you figure out what the cause might be?

Andrea, I have figured out what happens. The working patch is in the
attachment. Copy it into the base directory ('manual') and execute:

zcat Shortcuts.diff.gz | patch -p1

In simple words:

1) There must be no white space inside longtable's (or tabular's) format
specification: instead of
   \begin{longtable}[h] { | p{7cm} | p{6.5cm} | }
   \begin{longtable}[h] {|p{7cm}|p{6.5cm}|}
OK, pdflatex tolerates them, but latex2html introduces extra columns
thinking each such whitespace were one more column (although possibly empty).

2) latex2html does not know the command \endhead and treats it as an
additional table row, this leads to an extra row inserted in the HTML
version of the table. To remove it, you can place \endhead in the
latex2html's pseudo-environment:

3) latex2html does not know the command \bottomrule and treats it as an
additional table row, this leads to an extra row added at the very end of
the HTML version of the table. Unfortunately, the %begin{latexonly}
pseudo-environment does not help as pdflatex throws an error. However, it is
possible to replace \bottomrule with \hline, this does not influence the
pdflatex output, and latex2html's extra row gets out.

> Another possibility is having rigidly set the size of the columns,
> giving an exact number of cm.
> \begin{longtable}[h] { | p{0.5\textwidth-2\tabcolsep} |
> p{0.25\textwidth-2\tabcolsep} | p{0.25\textwidth-2\tabcolsep} | }

Perhaps fixing widths of columns is unnecessary, the reason for the problem
reported was in the extra white space and not in the width expressions.


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