[Cin] Ghosts from the shell!

Andrew Randrianasulu randrianasulu at gmail.com
Wed Feb 21 09:02:19 CET 2024

IgorV pointed out that while our manual still describes multiple projector
keyframes/boxes in compositor it doesn't (reliably?) work this way, namely
I think I created second box somehow but can't reproduce :)


"Move the projector slightly in the compositor window to create a keyframe.
Then go forward several seconds. Move the projector a long distance to
create another keyframe and emphasize motion. This creates a second
projector box in the compositor, with a line joining the two boxes. The
joining line is the motion path. If you create more keyframes, more boxes
are created. Once all the desired keyframes are created, disable automatic
keyframe mode."

small video describing how it worked in  cinelerra-cv 1.2.1 using old
dynebolic 1.4 iso


I wonder how "long" must be long distance? offscreen? tried this, also with
enlarged projector range .... no two boxes! I can't even see this behavior
in cincv 2.3.* from 2017, but may be I am doing it wrong for all versions?
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