[Cin] Fwd: Chromakey + blur testcase from IgorV

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Tue Feb 27 00:17:59 CET 2024

> some strangeness with AgingTV gui params (they not as interactive as they
>>> should?) but I have't looking at this problem yet.
>>  ... I only wanted to note this somewhere so hopefully *I* will have some
> added motivation to look at it! Well, at least in  very "shake a toy and
> see if anything comes out" way ...
> It would be much appreciated if you have time to look at AgingTV.  HV does
not allow for modifying the parameter values nor do the other TV plugins --
DotTV, HolographicTV, and BurningTV.   It would also be great if the
parameters in these other 3 were made visible and modifiable.  You could
"shake a lot of toys" that way !!!.
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