[Cin] SVT-AV1 encoding quite fast on x86_64

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Wed Jan 3 02:11:59 CET 2024

Checked into GIT the addition of libsvtav1 as an optional build library
based on all of the work of Andrew, Andrea, and Terje with all of their
testing. Includes the 2 corrected av1_svt profiles.  I did add a small
patch to libsvtav1 since I was able to build it on cmake 3.12, although its
CMakeLists.txt said cmake 3.16 was required - it built on Fedora 29 which
has cmake 3.12.  It is not built by default due to errors when rendering as
shown below.  However, I will build the appimages with it included.

Svt[warn]: Failed to set thread priority: Invalid argument
> FFStream::encode_frame: encode failed.
> file: /tmp/sv6.webm
>   err: Resource temporarily unavailable
> FFMPEG::mux_video  err: Operation not permitted
> FFStream::encode_frame: encode failed.

I will open a BT on this in case someone comes along later and fixes the
problem.  FFmpeg has several patches against it which was developed over
time and it is likely another one is needed to address this.

Also, like Andrea, I found some audio to be bad, but when I chose opus for
webm (not opus/ffmpeg), it seemed good.
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