[Cin] Report guessed / detected SAR/DAR values

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Tue Jan 9 00:13:51 CET 2024

On Mon, Jan 8, 2024 at 8:14 AM Andrea paz via Cin <
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> I struggle to keep up with your emails,

Me too.  I am still recovering from getting a bad cold.

@Terje do you want me to build you an appimage with these patches?
> Thanks for doing that  so quickly, Andrea.  I finally created an old
Ubuntu 16 AppImage and put it out on:
and a more recent Operating System that should work on non-rolling releases

Both of these contain the latest patches by Andrew with things that are not
checked into GIT.  The list should be as follows:

0001-Add-ffmpeg-rawdv-profiles-can-use-1440x1080-with-yuv.patch (THIS ONE
has issues for me)

In addition, the cin-x86_64.AppImage includes libaom3.8 and libsvtav1-1.8
as well as color3way and histogram plugins for > 1, av1 render formats, and
x265 12172023 snapshot (already checked into GIT).
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