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Tue Jan 9 08:37:28 CET 2024

Den 09.01.2024 05:31, skrev Andrew Randrianasulu via Cin:
> вт, 9 янв. 2024 г., 05:46 Andrew Randrianasulu <randrianasulu at gmail.com>:
>     So, I tried to clarify a bit that we have display aspect ratio
>     selectable, updated cingg team copyright year, added even more
>     finegrained sar/dar reporting (guessed, container detected, codec
>     detected).
>     I tried to use libavutil function for reporting SAR in setformat.C
>     but it need some dynamic gui subwindow/object, not static
>     BCTitle... so just prototype that does not update as you update
>     window, only calculated on window objects create time, so each
>     time you reopen set format window.
>     3 new git diff patches hopefully for application
>     0003 should be applied on top of
>     0001-Add-guessed-detected-SAR-DAR-values-to-ffmpeg-asset-.patch
>     from another thread
>     one plain diff patch just for showing where SAR info might surface
>     if I ever learn now to create dynamic text subwindows :)
> oh, I calculated SAR wrongly in setformat patch, so this one should  
> obviously only considered as placeholder/mockup.
> Still not sure to what exactly w/h ratio fields in setformat window 
> relate - I thought about preset vs canvas size but this does not hold 
> up in testing ...

According to the Cin-CV manual:

    *W Ratio, H Ratio*
    Sets the ratio of the new canvas size (W, H) to the old (previous)
    canvas size (W, H). The new canvas size is recalculated based upon a
    certain factor in the W Ratio, H Ratio fields. A practical use-case:
    The current resolution is 640x480, and for some reason you want it
    to be 1.33 times wider. You don't have to calculate what 640x1.33
    is; you type 1.33 into the "W" input instead, and Cinelerra
    calculates it for you. This tutorial
    explores in more detail these settings. It is in Russian but easily
    translatable with GoogleTranslator, DeepL or similar.

The latter Tutorial can be translated ......

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