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Andrew Randrianasulu randrianasulu at gmail.com
Thu Jan 11 16:09:00 CET 2024

чт, 11 янв. 2024 г., 17:51 Andrea paz <gamberucci.andrea at gmail.com>:

> > int sar_num = (aspect_w/aspect_h)*w;
> > int sar_den = (aspect_w/aspect_h)*h;

if this part was from setformat_static_diff.diff then I reasoned wrong
there ... please do not use (for now)

> Are these the formulas that CinGG (and ffmpeg?) uses to calculate SAR?
> aspect_w would be W Ratio of the Set Format window? The same for aspect_h?
> While w and h would be Width and Height of the Canvas Size?
> Are they integers?

in cinelerra/edlsession.h

Aspect ratio for video
        float aspect_w;
        float aspect_h;
int output_w;
int output_h;

so aspect is float, w/h are integers.

> These are the patches I have:
> 0001-Add-ffmpeg-rawdv-profiles-can-use-1440x1080-with-yuv.patch.patch
> 0001-Add-guessed-detected-SAR-DAR-values-to-ffmpeg-asset-.patch
> 0001-Set-also-sample-aspect-ratio-for-encoded-ffmpeg-stre.patch
> 0002-Guard-ffmpeg.C-stream-sample-aspect-ratio-only-for-f.patch

> 0003-fix-guard-for-stream-sample-aspect-ratio-for-more-fm.patch

I think you should apply them like 0003-fix-guard then 0003-add-diff-between

> 0005-Update-cingg-team-copyright-info-for-2024.patch
> 0006-Document-that-W-H-ratio-fields-mean-in-this-window.patch
> setformat_static_diff.diff
> Do I have to install all of them?

only up to 0006. setformat.diff is wrong, sorry.

(Should I install them all except 0003-Add-diff..., then give
> autogen.sh and configure; then install 0003-Add-diff... and give a new
> configure?)

I think even just recompile in cinelerra dir should be ok, (versioninfo.h
included in few more files, I just touch them manually to trigger rebuild
on make) but on fast machine you can do full recompile just in case, too.

> PS: I tried to ask Igor Vladimirsky for clarification, but so far he
> has not replied.
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