[Cin] Donation and DaVinci Resolve EDL

Andrea paz gamberucci.andrea at gmail.com
Mon Jan 15 17:02:36 CET 2024

I do not see a direct DVR --> CinGG import possible. In any case EDL
is too limited for today's NLEs. Since a CMX3600 EDL is just a list of
timecodes in plain text, one might think about printing out the EDL,
importing the various files into CinGG, and then rebuilding all the
edit actions one by one. That doesn't seem convenient...

There is a more updated paper on EDL CMX3600:

>From a github email cited by Andrew:

"Blender project created a Python CMX3600 EDL parser that you could
use - called parse_edl.py. Using python would make it easy for users
to adjust the file definition for the slight variations in EDL formats
out there."
It can be found here:

There is also this:

PS: sorry, I no longer have DVR projects. They were just small tests
without audio (to see Color Correction) but I don't have them anymore
because now DVR doesn't work for me because of problems with AMD/ROCm

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