[Cin] DAR, PAR and SAR, again

Andrea paz gamberucci.andrea at gmail.com
Fri Jan 19 22:58:20 CET 2024

Well, I would say that I just don't understand how CinGG works!
I was wrong in thinking that since Info-->Detail provided the same
information as ffmpeg, then CinGG and ffmpeg worked the same way with
non-square pixels. Instead we return to Raffaella Traniello's guide:
the definitions of PAR=pixel aspecrt ratio; SAR=Storage aspect ratio;
and DAR=display aspect ratio apply. And consequently the PAR=DAR/SAR
formula applies, and so does the wikipedia table.
However without knowing how to read the code of CinGG I am not able to
understand anything. I think I will sleep on it now...
My apologize.

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