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Andrew Randrianasulu randrianasulu at gmail.com
Sat Jan 20 23:31:37 CET 2024

Sorry Terje if I was too rough in my previous email.

I am definitely very much want to have as error-free transcode (and as
little transcode as possible in general) as you, for same reason.

I am not sure you can absolutely trust ffmpeg for not doing any conversion
by default. For example 6.1 seems to upconvert 16 bit audio when you select
dvd_pcm audio output.

/dev/shm/ffmpeg/ffmpeg -i /home/guest/CIN51.mp4 -target pal-dvd -c:a
pcm_dvd -f dvd /dev/shm/cin51.mpeg

ah, it only does so if decoder output floats by default (aac, may be mp3

for dv it was 16 to 16.

Not sure how good internal ffmpeg muxer for dvd file creation, but you
probably can test this by reusing cingg created audio and video files from
dvd master.

I have few more ideas to test and smart-up our bash script so it will use
wav output + sox + mplex automatically if wav or pcm file was detected in
output directory (so you can set easy wav output and do not care about BE
pcm file and its extension), but again I need some time to test this.

I was looking for some quality control tools and found qctools and this
post specifically on stackexchange


it mentions  program named Sonic Lineup, hopefully easy (and working on
Linux) way to compare two audio files.

Not sure if it supports dvd audio tho ....


qctools are more aiming at video quality metrics, just build their latest


I am sure you can get Appimage or even rpm from their site.
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