[Cin] LPCM in DVD - 44.1/32khz sample rate?

Andrew Randrianasulu randrianasulu at gmail.com
Sun Jan 21 03:43:57 CET 2024

According to this source (vlc) lpcm dvd audio supports lower frequencies
like 44100/32000 hz - useful for direct dv transcoding for example ....


see lines 524, 608

Does this mean that libavcodec/pcm-dvdenc.c can be trivially extended to
support those ?

Same question for mplex. (it only supports 48/96 khz lpcm audio).

I also found this table via mjpeg-users archives:


it lists dynamic range/gain (?) setting equations.

Not mplex nor ffmpeg support setting this to anything but hardcoded 0x80

This might be source of my "too loud" lpcm dvd experiments because I was
making lpcm file via cinelerra-gg's raw pcm output format (using libsndfile
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