[Cin] Donation and DaVinci Resolve EDL

Matteo Bini matteobin at tiepi.it
Mon Jan 22 10:30:48 CET 2024

Hello again, Cinelerra GG users and developers.
For my use case, I just need to have the dialog audio clips edited with
DaVinci Resolve exported to Cinelerra GG, linking to the original files
and not just a portion of them, to better mix them with ambience and

However it's not necessary. We've decided to edit the ambience tracks
with Cinelerra GG in sync with the last version of the video track. Then
I'll export various WAV tracks and we'll do the dialog and music mix in
DaVinci Resolve. First because I hate using proprietary software, second
because DaVinci Resolve is too slow on my computer. It's a terrible
software. It's too slow, even to edit audio!

A nice and suckless way to have my desired feature, would be to write a
small software that converts DaVinci Resolve timeline EDL in Cinelerra
GG XML EDL. I probably could do it myself.

I've written this email to thank you for your answers and to say to not
worry about it. I love Cinelerra GG! It's a wonderful software, way
better than many "professional" ones. Because of it, I would really love
to find a way to support you, financially. Maybe I can pay for the
hosting of the website for a couple of years?

Thank you, for the great Cinelerra GG and your help.

Matteo Bini

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