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For inclusion in the Manual based on Andrew's work is the text below.  Let
me know if it needs changes.
Note, that I did not find the following exception.  I tested audio at 8K
and 80K with no problem.

> ALSO, IMPORTANT! Audio must be 48Khz or 96Khz, nothing else is
> supported, even by ffmpeg's dvd pcm encoder.

*DVD with LPCM audio *(new small section)

By default, the audio when creating a DVD is always AC3 (Arc Consistency
Algorithm 3).
However you can switch to PCM, Pulse Code Modulator, with just a few
additional steps
as outlined below.

0) Start CinGG from a terminal window so you will be able to see what is
1) Make sure you have your video with audio loaded and edited in CinGG to
your satisfaction.
2) Use the File pulldown and select the "DVD Render" option.
3) In the Create DVD window, accept the defaults or select different values
and then click OK.
4) When the Batch Render window pops up, in the big box towards the bottom
will be 2 lines
with the first line for Video already highlighted.  Instead, click on the
second line so that
it is highlighted.
5) On the top left, you will see the "File Format" set as AC3.  Use the
down arrow next to
the box and change it to "Raw PCM" by clicking on it.
6) When you switch to Raw PCM, you see the extension in the "Output path"
change to "pcm"
instead of "ac3".  Now just reset the extension from "pcm" to "lpcm" as
that is required.
In most cases if you click on the Audio wrench to see the settings, you
will find that the
standard settings of 16 bit Linear / Hi Lo work.  If not, experiment for
7) Now click on the "Start" box in the bottom left hand corner and CinGG
will process what
it can of the job and put you back at your terminal startup window.
8) You will see a few lines of output, some of which are shown below, and
the ERROR:

running /dev/shm//dvd_20240116-182336/dvd.sh
   INFO: [mplex] mplex version 2.1.0 (2.2.7 $Date: 2012/11/17 01:55:16 $)
**ERROR: [mplex] Unable to open file
/dev/shm/dvd_20240116-182336/dvd.ac3 for reading.

8) Change directory to the location as shown on the terminal window of
9) Using an editor, modify the line in dvd.sh to change "dvd.ac3" to
and change the mplex parameter to include:

 -L  48000:2:16

The full line will look like this:

 mplex -f 8 -L 48000:2:16 -o $dir/dvd.mpg $dir/dvd.m2v $dir/dvd.lpcm

10) Now the script is ready to run in the same manner it would have had it
been ac3.
That is just run via:  ./dvd.sh
11) Check to make sure there are no errors in the output shown on the
window and proceed
as usual.

ALSO, IMPORTANT! Audio must be 48Khz or 96Khz, nothing else is
> supported, even by ffmpeg's dvd pcm encoder.
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