[Cin] DAR, PAR and SAR, again

Terje J. Hanssen terjejhanssen at gmail.com
Tue Jan 23 22:18:03 CET 2024

Den 23.01.2024 22:01, skrev Phyllis Smith:
>>>     Source_3:
>>>     5sec_hdv01_04.m2t.ts; 1440x1080; SAR 4:3; DAR 16:9
>>>     Compositor: Correct display; rectangular px.
>     Just curious here:
>     Why and where did you get the extra file extension .ts?
>     Sony's extension for hdv has been .m2t, when hdv was transfered
>     via i.LINK (IEEE 1394) from tape to Harddisk.
>     Though I think some other camcorder fabricators possibly used .ts
>     or other instead.
> Not sure where he got the .ts extension, but I get .ts extensions when 
> I record from the TV and have quite a few examples.

Yes, ".ts" is a MPEG-2 Transport stream
This actual "5sec_hdv01_04.m2t" was a test-file I posted to Andrea
  (Else I also wrote about M2T and HDV in the earlier "Preserving 
Camcorder Media document")
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