[Cin] removing letter boxing while preserving aspect

Rob Prowel rprowel at comcast.net
Mon Mar 4 08:59:00 CET 2024

On 3/3/24 15:28, Terje J. Hanssen via Cin wrote:

> You can possibly try a test on a file or clip copy using ffmpeg "crop 
> and resize".
> If I understand the problem right, keep the original w(idth) of the 
> video resolution and use h=w*2/3=w/1.5
> ffmpeg -i input.mp4 -vf "crop=w:h" output.mp4
> according to this article example
> https://www.bannerbear.com/blog/how-to-crop-resize-a-video-using-ffmpeg/#example---aspect-ratio-with-no-position-specified

Yeah, I know how to do it with ffmpeg filters quite easily, but was 
hoping it could be done in cinelerra as one of a longer sequence of edits.

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