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> AVX2 and Machine Learning in the new release of Opus audio codec:
> https://opus-codec.org/

"Deep learning also often gets associated with powerful GPUs, but in Opus,
we have optimized everything such that it easily runs on most CPUs,
including phones. We have been careful to avoid huge models (unlike LLMs
with their hundreds of billions of parameters!). In the end, most users
should not notice the extra cost, but people using older (5+ years) phones
or microcontrollers might. For that reason, all new ML-based features are
disabled by default in Opus 1.5. They require both a compile-time switch
(for size reasons) and then a run-time switch (for CPU reasons)."


Because I think we use it via libavcodec may be  we  should wait before
relevant switch appear there ?

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