[Cin] Bugtracker issue #5 - just email this time until...

Pierre autourduglobe p.autourduglobe at gmail.com
Mon Dec 3 03:36:52 CET 2018

Hi Phyllis,

Thank you for informing me.

No I didn't notice that there was a response to bug#5 (but I have the 
excuse that I didn't register it myself, even though I thank you for 
doing so).

The bugtracker software does not seem to offer the possibility (like 
some forums) to receive an automatic alert by email, that a reply or a 
new comment has been added to the author's message.

Well, it will take all of us to get used to new routines for using this 
different system...

I'm testing what you sent me. For the moment I am surprised by the way 
it works in a form and procedures that I hadn't imagined, but I am still 
seduced by the results... I'm not comfortable with it yet and I haven't 
tested it enough to know if it meets all my expectations. I will 
continue the tests in more depth.

Note that Cinelerra-GG crashed once at the beginning of my tests, but I 
had mishandled it at a time when I didn't really understand how to 
proceed to make it work. If it happens again, I'll find out under what 
sequence of procedures.

So I will make a report in the bugtracker a little later when I have 
tested it better.


On 18-12-02 17 h 39, Phyllis Smith wrote:
> Pierre:
> Since we do not know if you noticed issue #5 in the bugtracker yet, I am 
> sending email this 1 time.
> GG has created a mod that we believe will make it easier to see what you 
> requested -- he coded it in a manner that "fit" and that satisfied the 
> methods he would actually use if he were doing this.
> This is NOT yet checked into GIT because I have not had a chance to test 
> much yet.  There is a Mint 18 test build at:
> https://cinelerra-gg.org/download/testing/cinelerra-5.1-mint18-x86_64-static.txz
> And an ubuntu16 build at:
> https://cinelerra-gg.org/download/testing/cinelerra-5.1-ub16-x86_64-static.txz
> If you have a chance to test, please "add a note" to the bugtracker 
> issue with results.
> How to use:
> 0) test create a cut and a paste into media on the timeline (just so you 
> can see what the following does)
> 1) turn on preview in the Resource window
> 2) mouse to the media that you want to see
> 3) click the middle mouse button on that media
> 4) you will see the a mini-view of the media first 5 seconds (you should 
> hear no audio)
> 5) a White colored bar will be on the top of this mini-view, each 
> segment (black/white) is a hot spot.
> 6) a Red colored bar will be on the bottom, clicks on it reset the main 
> window timeline position.
> 7) you will see Yellow colored lines drawn from the top to the bottom 
> showing where the media is or is not
> 8) click on a space on the top White colored bar, and voila! (I think 
> that is French) that section is loaded in the viewer with In/Out [/] set 
> to the clip of that section of the media.  Tweak the edit in viewer, and 
> then paste or overwrite to the timeline.
> 9) click on a space on the bottom Red colored bar and you will see where 
> that exists on the timeline AND you can drag scroll along this color bar.
> Remember this is not a real window and if your mouse just leaves the 
> window by a little bit, you will have to middle mouse button click again 
> to get it back.  Also, when in previewing mode, if you just mouse over 
> another media file in Resources, it too will automatically show the 
> White/Red bars.

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