[Cin] Summary Report for week Dec. 1 through Dec 7 for Cinelerra-GG website

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Sun Dec 9 19:01:37 CET 2018

(Andre Gronwald suggested a weekly list, so trying it for this week to see
how it goes)

*Summary Report for week Dec. 1 through Dec. 7 on Cinelerra-GG*

- Received good reviews so far and appears to be very stable.
- Sam continues to work on all aspects of the server and website
- Builds of cinelerra-gg, tars and pkgs, became available for the first
time here.

- Tutorial links added in Italian and German by Andrea and Wolfgang.
- How To link for using CLUT and LUT by Andrea.
- Demos added by Glen and Andrea showing the capabilities of Cinelerra in a
very entertaining way.
  And Hellcat link by Wolfgang is in Q&A.

- Seems to be a “hot’ item and it is much better for keeping track of
issues than the mailing list.
- The MantisBT software name is misleading.  It is useful for “Feature”
requests using the Severity
  field.  But that’s not all, log any website, forum,
bugtracker/documentation requests/suggestions/bugs.
- About 17 issues were created in this first week.  Go and look at these
for details:

1 highlight resource window list items in usefulness
2 masking enhancements and improvements
3 new windows feature does not work properly
4 need to see places used and unused in timeline for a particular media
6 add a reset button to the video/audio plugins
7 real drag and drop and delete without having to lock tracks
10 larger thumbnails in clip tab
11 guicast/bccmdl.py not python 3 compatible
14 forum: editing title/post subsequently
15 forum: add login/logout
18 MantisBT defaults to subscribing all users to all updates
25 Gui HiDPI future support
26 Error deleting in timeline
27 In titler, some fonts can not be selected from drop down
28 Add titler own background paper
29 Cin crashes upon clip creation
30 Gitweb feature request for snapshot
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