[Cin] Forum

Andrea paz gamberucci.andrea at gmail.com
Tue Dec 11 18:35:52 CET 2018

The Forum does not seem to be a success among old users. In fact, the
passivity and convenience of simply reading incoming emails is
unsurpassed. But the forum also has another function; it can happen to
us a curious visitor or even just random. My request is then to put
many video tutorials, How TO and Demo captivating that manage to
attract the interest of an occasional visitor.
Sam, could you post your videos on tracking with OpenCV
and https://lists.cinelerra-cv.org/pipermail/cinelerra/2018q2/008599.html).
Phyllis, you could publish videos on flying titles made for Olaf
or even the other where you used shared tracks and LUTs. But the more
users you contribute, the better.

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