[Cin] Valgrind and Core Dump

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Thu Dec 13 19:38:31 CET 2018


> I got a crash with core dumps. I enclose it all in case it might be
> useful. Probably the crash is my fault that I tried to do several
> things at once.

Did you possibly unplug a sound device?
GG has never seen anything like this before and wonders if there is
something wrong with your sound device.

Error is "Invalid read of size 1" in audioalso.C, line 423.
Also, you might consider turning off LV2 and Ladspa paths before running
valgrind just to speed things along as it slows things down.

Also, starting at line 2852 there are several LSP LV2 plugin errors.  Could
you run without Valgrind to determine and look at the console output to see
which ones look like they have errors so we can blacklist them?

Thanks, Phyllis
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