[Cin] Valgrind and Core Dump

Andrea paz gamberucci.andrea at gmail.com
Thu Dec 13 21:04:09 CET 2018

Don't mind the audio errors in my sisytem. Some time ago I wanted to
try Jack and since then the playback with CinnGG works only with Jack
active (or without Jack setting Sink #0). But it's not Cin's problem,
it's mine.
Now with the latest version I have compiled from root in /tmp and run
Valgrind to get the core dump. I noticed these behaviors (no
1- Set Playback audio to "default": No audio, no crash.
2- Set Playback to default with Jack: No audio, no crash.
3- Set Playback to Sink #0: crash (with or without Jack). [cinelerra_19968.dmp]

I then compiled normally in /home/user... It no longer behaves like
the last installations, because now the audio works by default and
does not work with Sink #0.
I don't know if the two installations influence each other (the one in
/tmp and the one in /home/....). I think so because after starting the
"normal" one now the audio works also in /tmp
1-2- Yes audio, no crash.
But I repeat: do not waste time with errors that do not concern CinGG.


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