[Cin] Summary Report for week Dec. 8 through Dec. 14 on Cinelerra-GG

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Sun Dec 16 02:08:57 CET 2018


- Sam continuously monitors the website and performs various server
administration details to make sure that performance is as expected as
usage ramps up.

- Also, within the Forum and MantisBT there have been more items that
require moderation by Sam.

- Besides some page tweaks, Sam added a new bit of News from the Codec

If you have some News you would like to share that may affect Cinelerra now
or in the future, please pass it along so it can be added on the News page.


- Tutorials in English are being requested by Terje.

- How To article by Andrea on using Blue Banana to make a Chroma Key should
prove useful to many.

- Q&A has 3 pointers to some interesting websites. I thought OpenCine was
particularly interesting.

- Demo added by Phyllis (created by GoodGuy) shows some good usage for
transitions in Cinelerra.


A “HELP needed” tag should make it easy to locate problems or requests that
might interest others.

We are leaving resolved issues not closed for some period of time to make
it easy for users who only occasionally visit to see them and will most
likely close them a week after the end of the month builds are done.

BTW: the lists below are often paraphrased and may be incomplete but I find
it useful to create this list to review what needs to be done or find
something that needs to be closed.

*Several issues have been resolved and some have been closed: *

7 real drag and drop without having to lock tracks (not all aspects have
been completed but very close)

8 windows layout not restored correctly (unmanaged window does not allow)

26 error deleting in timeline (fix applied and no further occurrences have
been reported)

30 gitweb feature request for snapshot (not feasible, speed for user is
minimal at expense of server)

32 increase the maximum zoom size of the new “source” target (resolved by
adding this feature)

39 paste is not available for the forum (information provided to close this)

40 crash after deleting file in the media tab (resolved by bug fix)

41 flickering in the listbox of resources window (closed as no longer

43 extend working space of new “find pieces” feature (resolved by adding
this feature)

46 context item delete in the clip tab broken (resolved by bug fix)

47 the preview window increased size is very pixelated (closed because this
is memory constrained).

53 video effect color-3way white balance wrong (IgorBeghetto resolved by
providing information)

54 shortcut digit keys for forward/reverse do not perform as expected (a
little confusing, but is correct)

*Quite a few new bugs/feature requests have been added as outlined below
for you to check:*

31 the new function of identifying “source” targets still causes crashes
(no new crashes yet)

34 label mouse over feature

35 translate the web site in different languages

37 select feature on media resources works bad if proxy enabled (still

38 no red/white bar on preview vicon if proxy enabled (still contemplating)

42 live preview feature

44 phantom keyframes boxes (have not been able to reproduce yet; recognize
is probably a bug)

45 load window apply minor bug (have to boot Leap to test; does not occur
on Fedora with new bcast5)

48 proxy creation fails (mostly resolved, but some “to do” items in this
ticket for Phyllis to respond to)

52 a better “search” feature than just ID for MantisBT

55 add filmmaking/editing section in forum (suggestions provided and may
need more)

56 make Cinelerra Download manual available in download page (Sam did this,
but Phyllis has work)

57 mark the thumbnail when the clip is used

58 changeable colors for the title and timeline background (gg started
color for titles, “no” on background)

59 packaging issues identified in source tree (partially resolved, some
more work to clean up)

60 cinelerra-gg sets unnecessary executable bits (mostly resolved but want
to make sure good)

61 fedora installation instructions on website do not copy/paste correctly
(Phyllis wants to fix this, having trouble)

62 google summer of code 2019 (HELP needed as administration might be
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