[Cin] Color Management

Sam cinelerra at posteo.de
Sun Dec 16 12:49:46 CET 2018

Am 16.12.18 um 10:30 schrieb Andrea paz:
> After the implementation of CTRL+DRAG (#7), IMO CinGG has only two
> major issues to resolve: A true rotoscoping tool (#2) and colour
> management. You might want to try using OpenColorIO, as it's spreading
> like STD:
> http://opencolorio.org
> 1) Allows the exchange between the various software that support it
> (Blender, Natron, Krita, Nuke, After Effects, etc.) without resorting
> to manual conversions.
> 2) Install on the system (as LV2 plugins) and then configure it in
> CinGG. You can create custom configurations or use public ones (Sony
> Image Works, Nuke and ACES); that would allow CinGG to import Log
> files (REDLog, C-Log, etc.) and all the color models used in Pro.
> 3) It seems to me that there are detailed instructions and code
> examples on how to implement it.
> 4) It is compatible with any LUT and can create and convert them.
> 5) It can use the GPU.
> Not being a developer, I can't tell if it's possible to implement it.
> I think I understand that ffmpeg doesn't support it.
> What do you think?
> Mag, you're an colorist, do you think it's useless to have a real
> color management in a software like CinGG?
> After having deepened the topic I could open a ticket in Bug Tracker,
> perhaps using "HELP need".

In my opinion, it makes sense. CinGG has become through the many 
improvements, a really good alternative. It can't get close to the 
functionality of the professional solution, but I don't have to do 
Hollywood production with it. Color management is very important. If it 
is technically feasible, it would be a good addition.


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