[Cin] Timeline: Move the clips with new features

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Mon Dec 24 03:17:06 CET 2018

All:  GIT checking contains changes as reported in the last email + 2
builds at:



Shortcuts.html in the "shell cmds" area has been updated to reflect what I
hope is the "final answer" -- look at the Drag/Drop Edits area.

For the preference setting check "Clears before toggle" -- checked means
filebox way with single click for a single selection and Ctrl-lmb to add
to.  If not enable, just click away.

I hope this is acceptable because it has been a lot of code finagling for
gg and has changed so many times that I can not keep the document updated
correctly.  gg/Phyllis
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