[Cin] Timeline: Move the clips with new features

Igor BEGHETTO igorbeg at visi1.org
Mon Dec 24 14:42:35 CET 2018

GG/Phyllis, thanks for the Cin-GG built: Dec 23 2018 18:36:53
Really good.

Some considerations.
Setting -> Preferences -> Clear before toggle = checked
1) when you change mode from “Drag and Drop editing mode” to “Cut and 
paste editing mode”, all the clips/groups selected should be cleared.
2) in “Drag and Drop editing mode”: select only a clip with LMB, if I 
select again the same clip/group, it should be cleared. Now I have to 
use Ctrl+LMB or Ctrl+Shift+A to deselect that clip; so, it is not bad, 
for me it is really good, then the info for the user is needed.
3) Ctrl+LMB for multiple selections and Shift+LMB for group/ungroup is 
really perfect! I think it is really similar to other software, also not 
NLE. Really good!

I would suggested some things and I would like to know what do you 
(Developers, Sam, and you all are reading) think about. Thanks.
A) If the improve (the add) about the drag with hold down LMB (Left 
Mouse Button ) a clip/group, without to select that clip/group before 
(in "Drag and Drop editing mode"), will be done, then the option “Clear 
before toggle” in Preference could be delete?
B) Move a few options from submenu with MMB to submenu with RMB: Find in 
Resources, Show edit, User title Bar color.
C) In “Cut and paste editing mode” the MMB go away (for the others next 
features with others options?)
D) In “Drag and Drop editing mode” you will have all:
- MMB: Clear select, Copy, Cut, Mute, Copy pack, Cut pack, Mute pack, 
Paste, Overwrite.
- RMB: Attach effect…, Move Up, Move Dn, Delete track, Add track, Resize 
track…, Match output size, Find in Resources, Show edit, User title Bar 
- Ctrl+LMB for multiple selections.
- Shift+LMB for group/ungroup.
- Mouse over a clip/group, hold down LMB and drag to move (see A point)

Thanks again GG/Phyllis for the patience.
And Merry Xmas at you all!
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