[Cin] Timeline: Move the clips with new features

Igor BEGHETTO igorbeg at visi1.org
Thu Dec 27 19:56:08 CET 2018

Thanks for your reply, Sam and Pierre.

Now I understood because Ctrl+dLMB, on a clip, works so, and you all, 
surely, knew it. It use the same behaviour for the two mode “Drag and 
Drop editing mode” and “Cut and paste editing mode” and that is for good 
coding performance, I think. Then, if it is for coherence/consistence, 
as Pierre said,  then I accept the new behaviour (I really like 
coherence), even though, as Sam said, we could save a Ctrl key. I before 
asked "only", if possible and more users (and Developer/s) agree with 
me, to reverse the Ctrl key behaviour in "Cut and editing mode", without 
changing the base code.

I would like to add two suggestions for“Drag and Drop editing mode”, if 
GG/Phyllis and users, think useful like me.
1) In Timeline, when we move a clip (without select it before) a icon is 
showed over. Would it be possible only to show the white frame without 
that icon?
Look at the added screencast from 0" to 8" https://streamable.com/p7sps
2) In Timeline, whenwe move a clip/s/group/s with drag&drop, if Ctrl key 
is pressed before drop then, alittle "copy" icon is showedand a "clone" 
(Copy&Paste) could be performed instead of the Move.

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