[Cin] Timeline: Move the clips with new features

Pierre autourduglobe p.autourduglobe at gmail.com
Thu Dec 27 16:05:22 CET 2018

I hesitate to intervene in such an intense discussion, but I may have an 
idea of a compromise that might be acceptable to the different points of 

The problem of consistency and coherence concerns only the "Cut and 
paste editing mode".


Double-clicking could result in only one clip being selected (as in the 
"Drag and Drop editing mode") but by the highlight (rather than the red 
outline) of this single clip.

Ctrl key would allow, by the double clip, the highlight of the whole 
area on all the associated tracks.

This would maintain a constant behaviour in the selection process, while 
not changing the nature of the "Cut and paste editing mode", but would 
add the possibility of quick selection of a single clip.


On 18-12-27 05 h 57, Igor BEGHETTO wrote:
> Thanks for your reply even though I hoped more people were intersted 
> about. Only five. (Thanks Andrea for your contribute)
> - IgorBeg quote: B) Move a few options from submenu with MMB to submenu 
> with RMB: Find in Resources, Show edit, User title Bar color.
> - Sam quote: There are two different context menus. One context menu is 
> Track related and the other context menu is Clip related. The way GG did 
> it is logically correct. With your suggestion you would move clip 
> related actions (Find in Resources, Show edit, User title Bar color) to 
> track related actions, but that wouldn't be correct.
> Sam, I agree completely with you about "One context menu is Track 
> related and the other context menu is Clip related."
> And I would like to say the same thing for the two different mode “Drag 
> and Drop editing mode” and “Cut and paste editing mode”: the first mode 
> is Clip related (and GG have done a really fantastic work) and the 
> second would have to be Track related.
> Unfortunately in “Cut and paste editing mode” a function is changed; 
> now, if we do double click on a clip, that clip is selected (with a red 
> rectangle) instead of highlight the area. To highlight the area the Ctrl 
> key have to be pressed before. IMHO, maybe and I say maybe, it was 
> better the opposite: double click, as it was before (highlight), and 
> with Ctrl+dLMB the new feature (clip selected): priority on Track behaviour.
> What do you (all) think about, please?
> Thanks for all the work.
> IgorBeg

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