[Cin] Just checked into GIT a couple of things

Sam cinelerra at posteo.de
Fri Dec 28 09:35:00 CET 2018

Am 27.12.18 um 22:23 schrieb Phyllis Smith:
> - The phantom keyframes fix for issue 44 was fixed.
> - A new drag icon that Sam designed which lets you see behind is used 
> in all themes except Bright and Blue Dot which had white backgrounds 
> and Neophyte which already had a see through white/yellow icon.
> - But most importantly the labels, autos, and keyframes will be 
> copied/pasted and dragged along with the clips. This capability has 
> been missing for quite some time.  gg/phyllis
Thank you for adding the feature of copying keyframes and effects. It's 
so much better and easier to use.

I noticed the following things.

(1) In the version from 24.12. I could mark and move a clip, after the 
moving action the red frame remained (with the "Clears before toggle" 
option checked). This makes sense in my opinion, because you don't 
always find the right position right away and so you might move the clip 
a few more times. In the current version from yesterday, the red frame 
disappears after every action, which is very cumbersome, because I have 
to mark the same clip again and again. I'd appreciate it if the red 
frame stays as long as I haven't selected another clip , as it was in 
the version of 24.12 (12.24.2018).

(2) Is it possible to copy effects alone?
With larger video projects you want to copy several effects elsewhere 
without the corresponding clips. This would make it much easier to work 
in the timeline.



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