[Cin] Just checked into GIT a couple of things

Igor BEGHETTO igorbeg at visi1.org
Fri Dec 28 16:05:58 CET 2018

GG/Phyllis, thanks! I saw the built Ub16 dated: Dec 27 2018 22:03:43.

GG/Phillis wrote:
> - A new drag icon that Sam designed which lets you see behind is used 
> in all themes except Bright and Blue Dot which had white backgrounds 
> and Neophyte which already had a see through white/yellow icon. 

Now it is better. Thanks Sam!

GG/Phillis wrote:
> - But most importantly the labels, autos, and keyframes will be 
> copied/pasted and dragged along with the clips. This capability has 
> been missing for quite some time. 

I made a short screencast to know if all is right
A) 00" ... 07" --> move withouth selection: only a clip is moved
B) 11"... 22" --> move with selection: clip, effect, keyframe is moved; 
label missed
C) 26"... 35" --> move with selection and "Label blocked from 
moving...": clip, effect, keyframe is moved
Is B point right?

Thanks so much for all the features. (The Title's colour is really 
amazing, for me)
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